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Mechanical Link : Arteries and Autonomic Nervous System

Bilingual edition English / French

Paul Chauffour et Eric Prat et Jacques Michaud

Arteries are essential structures, vital and omnipresent with surprisingly important functions.
Collection : Ostéopathie
Nombre de pages : 240
Format : 200 x 270mm
Date de parution : mai 2009
ISBN : 978-2-35432-029-4

English version translated by Elizabeth Derringer P.T. T.A. (USA)
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Arteries are essential structures, vital and omnipresent with surprisingly important functions. Their roles include those which are well-known, such as providing nutrition to tissues. There are some functions which are often underestimated and overlooked. Arteries also serve as conduits for information to the autonomic nervous system as well as providing biomechanical function of the extremities, spine and the viscero-organic system. In fact, the vascular system along with its accompanying autonomic nervous system unite the whole body and provide the osteopath with “the link” which is simultaneously fluid, mechanical and neurological.

This publication is the result of 15 years of work and clinical practice by the authors. Their work makes a complete manual approach to examination and treatment of the vascular system possible.
Undeniably, this osteopathic approach to examination and treatment of arteries offers new perspectives to traditional medicine. This work serves as a clear and didactic reference to allow our readers to finally access a means of putting the original concept proposed by A.T. Still into actual clinical practice. “The rule of the artery is supreme”.

by Steve Paulus D.O. (US), M.S

Presentation of the Mechanical Link
Concept of the Total Lesion
Concept of the Primary Lesion
Concept of specifi c treatment

The artery and its environment
Arteries, Blood and Connective Tissue
Differential osteopathic approach from the heart
A histological review of Arteries
The Biomechanical Role of Arteries
Organization of the autonomic Nervous system
Arteries and the Autonomic Nervous System
Neurovascular Coupling
Arterio-venous coupling
Arteries and skin

Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment
Arteries of the thorax
Diaphragmatic Sulcus
Inferior vena cava
Vascular heart
Pulmonary arteries
Coronary arteries
Ascending aorta
Internal thoracic arteries
Thoracic aorta
Arteries of the Abdomen
Abdominal aorta
Aortic and Illiac Aneurysm
Arteries of the coeliac trunk
Splenic artery
Hepatic artery
Gastroduodenal artery
Renal arteries and suprarenal arteries
Superior mesenteric artery
Inferior mesenteric artery
Common iliac arteries
Ovarian arteries
Internal Iliac artery
Arteries of the lower extremity
Femoral artery inguinal portion
Femoral circumfl ex artery
Femoral artery
Popliteal artery
Anterior tibial artery
Dorsal artery of the foot
Posterior tibial artery
Plantar arteries
Deep plantar Arch
Digital arteries of the Feet
Arteries of the upper extremities
Subclavian artery
Axillary artery
Circumfl ex artery
Brachial artery
Ulnar artery
Radial artery
Arteries of the hand
Arteries of the heart to cranium
Carotid Sinus
Diseases of carotid arteries
Common carotid arteries
Superior and inferior thyroid arteries
External carotid artery
Facial artery
Labial arteries
Masseteric artery
Surperfi cial temporal artery
Occipital artery
Internal artery carotid
Cercle of Willis
Ophthalmic artery
Anterior cerebral artery
Middle cerebral artery
Hypothalamo-hypophysial arteries
Posterior Communicating Artery
Posterior cerebral artery
Vertebral artery
Basilar trunk
The vasculature of the cerebrum
Global test
Specific tests

Vagus Nerve
Cephalic portion
Cervical portion
Pharyngeal Plexus
The Superior Laryngeal Nerve
Thoracic portion
Cardiac plexus
Pulmonary plexus
Abdominal portion
Gastric Branches
Coeliac plexus
Superior plexus mesenteric
Inferior plexus mesenteric
Hypogastric Plexus

Inhibitory Balance Tests
Treatment: the Recoil